About Me

Thomas McClurg is a fiction writer and speaker. He is also a member of the Weaklings writer's group in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

And that's the dry description I felt compelled to give as if I were having the most boring out of body experience ever. I am a writer. I love stories. When I am not writing them, I am thinking about writing them.

As it says on the home page, it's my dream to write fiction for a living, and since, as a writer, if you don't have a blog there's a decent chance you are in danger of fading out of existence like Marty McFly, so exists this website.

Most blogs have a specific goal or an audience they are trying to reach, many of which tend to be non fiction related. Blogs for moms, blogs for dads, blogs for crafty people, outdoorsy people, animal lovers, animal haters, people who wish they were animals, people who believe they are animals. The variety is endless.

This website is about fiction, or rather, my pursuit of it as a craft and as a career. Happy to have you along for the ride.