Website Re-launch

October 16th , 2014

Welcome to the new and improved site. It’s been a long time coming and i am excited to get back on the blogging horse.

I’ve been wracking my brain over exactly what the purpose of this blog should be. If i wrote non-fiction it would be easy. The blog would function as a way to build my platform and connect with my target audience. The topic of my non-fiction would be the focus of my blog, but i don’t write non-fiction, at least not yet.

Fiction is what i love, but i can’t very well populate my blog with an endless flow of fiction because that’s what i’m working on separate from this site. To fill this blog with fiction would mean coming up with new stuff every single week, possibly multiple times a week. Combine that with the fiction i am already working on and i am pretty sure i would burn out quickly.

So what to write?

I will let you know when i figure it out.

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