The Fork in the Road

February 3rd , 2015

It’s an odd feeling finishing the rough draft of a novel. On the one hand, it’s a major accomplishment. Many people dream of writing a book and to complete one, even a rough draft of one, should be celebrated.

Still, at the same time, there is a very tangible fear that comes along for the ride. When you’re in the middle of a project there’s nothing to really worry about aside from the creative process and if anyone asks what you’re working on in your spare time you can puff out your chest with pride and declare that you’re writing a novel.

Then whenever anyone asks after that, you can tell them you’re working on the plot or you’re shaping a character, or coming up with a dynamic title or anything else you can think of. Being in the middle of the process is safe, but when you’re finished, you are faced with a fork in the road. You can keep what you’ve written to yourself. Maybe you share it on a personal website or give it to a few interested friends to oh so carefully test the waters.

Or you can pursue publication and that means giving your precious novel to people who don’t know you or care about you. Editors can be cast in an unfairly harsh light, and while i would like to think that none of them gain any satisfaction from turning you and your dream away, it will almost certainly happen, it might happen often, repeatedly, for long periods of time. Even one rejection can be enough for a fledgling writer to call it quits, now imagine facing hundreds. I try not to think about it, instead, i will focus on whatever the next step is for me, and that’s editing and re-writing. I’m thinking two to three months before i give the first book in the series a serious shove out of the nest, and i know it won’t be easy, because a novel (Or any personal creative endeavor really) is a deeply personal thing, you are exposing a piece of yourself, a piece of your dreams and aspirations to be torn to shreds.

But there’s always the chance of success and it only takes one like minded person in the right position to come alongside your dream and take it to the next step in the journey.

For me, it’s worth the risk.

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